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Let's begin by introducing you to our wonderful Officers (as of January 1, 2023)

Sister Rosie Palmer Partridge

Abbess/President/Board Member


Sister Nova Aggra


From FB Nova A.jpg

Sister Maddie Bout You

Mistress of Novices/Vice President

Sister Maddie.jpg

Sister Selma Soul

Sexytary/Board Sexytary

Sister Selma.jpg
And our 2023 Board of Directors

Sister Guard N. O'Pansies

Board Chair

Sister Pansies 2.jpg

Sister Jezabelle of the Enraptured Sling

Board Member


Sister Lourdes Mae Shepherd

Board Vice Chair


Sister Shalita Corndog

Board Member At Large

And our Mistresses, who manage particular areas of Sister business

Guard HOOOO?!

Master of Archives

MoA HOOOO ! Headshot.jpeg

Sister Penny Costal

Mistress of Habits

Sister Penny.jpg

Sister Vina Sinfurs

Mistress of Saints


Sister Stella Believin' Magick

Mistress of the Web


Sister Kay Thulu

Mistress of Grants


Sister Tilda NexTime

Mistress of Propaganda



Sister Abbi Abnormal

Sister Adora Penthouse View

Sister Agnes Dei Afta Tamara

Sister Amor Ah'Quality

Sister Anal Receptive

Sister Angelina Holi

Sister Anna Wanda Mei

Sister Anni Coque l Doo

Sister Arianna Badtrippe

Sister Baba Ganesh

Sister Bambi Dextrous

Sister Bear Lesque Ho

Sister Beatrix Uppersleeve

Sister Bella de Ball

Sister Bella Donna Summer BDSM

Sister Betty Tastewell, Self Rising

Sister Camille Leon

Sister Celeste L. Powers

Sister Chola de Dah

Sister Connie Pinko

Sister Constance Lee Craving

Sister Dana Van Iquity

Pope Dementia the Last

Sister Desi Juana Dewitt

Sister Dharma Gettin

Sister Diana Fyre

Sister Dinah Might

Sister Edith Myflesh

Sister Eva Lynn Goode

Sister Fanny Powers

Sister Flatulina Grande

Sister Flora Good Thyme

Sister Freda Desire

Sister Gaia Love

Guard Garter Well

Sister Gina Tonic

Sister Golda Lox

Sister Hedra Sexual

Sister Hellen Wheels

Sister Hera Sees Candy

Sister Holly Lewya

Sister Honey, BE!

Guard HOOO?!

Sister Jane D'oh!

Sister Jendra Uforia

Sister Jezabelle of the Enraptured Sling

Sister Kay Thulu

Sister Kitty Catalyst O.C.P.

Sister KoKo D'Amore

Sister Khristian D'Aura

Sister Lilith of the Valley

Sister Loganberry Frost

Sister Lourdes Mae Shepherd

Sister Lupita Phat He Ta Buffet

Sister Mable Syrup

Sister Maddie bout You

Sister maeJoy B. withU

Sister Mary Juanita High

Sister Mary Media

Sister Mary Ralph

Sister Mary Timothy Simplicity

Sister MaryMae Himm

Sister Maudlin Masscara

Sister Merry Peter

Sister Mina J'Trois

Sister Guard N. O'Pansies

Sister Nancy Drew Blood

Sister Nova Aggra

Sister Oletta B DeMonic

Sister Penny Costal

Sister Phyliss Stein the Fragrant

Sister Pigmentia Stigmata

Sister Porn Again

Sister Qetesh The Divine

Sister Reyna Terror

Sister Risqué of the Sissytine Chapel

Sister Roma

Sister Rose Mary Chicken

Sister Rosie Palmer

Sister Saki Tumi

Sister Selma Soul

Sister Shalita Corndog

Guard Shugga Butt

Brother Sinthetic Soul

Sister Stella Believin Magic

Sister Sybil Libertease

Sister T'aint A Virgin

Sister Tammy fae Bakkersfield!

Sister Tilda NexTime

Sister Guard TheO Pressed

Sister Tilly Comes Again!

Sister Titania Humperpickle

Sister Tonkabelle

Grand Mother Vish-Knew

Sister Violet Sin Bloom

Sister Viva L'Amour des Hommes

Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour

The San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
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