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Sister Bella de Ball

Fully Professed:
December 2002


Bella Aza Bug, Vicar Victoria, Bella Madonna


Mother or Sponsor:
Sister Merry Peter


Big Sisters or Guards:
Sister Roxanne Roles & Sister Kittty Catallyst OCP


When Did You Discover Your Calling?:
The day I met Sister Phyllis Stein the Fragrant on my first visit to San Francisco in the late 90's. She was working an event at Harvey's and I was captivated. She took time to explain what the Sisters were  all about and I was sure that some day...I would join them.
Religious Beliefs:
"God" is our own invention; A projection of the collective human mind and spirit and thus capable of anything we can imagine.


Quotes to Live By:
"You get more flies with honey than vinegar." - my Grandma Lucy
"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."  - Eleanor Roosevelt
Rules to Live By:
Have as few "rules" as possible and allow yourself the freedom to express yourself, your emotions and your desires.  Give yourself the gift of forgiveness.  Give others the gift of respect.  Ask for "Do-Overs" as often as you want to.  You will get it right.

Past Positions with the Order:
Former Chair of Easter Committee, Mistress of Saints (2 terms), Mistress of Habits (2 terms)



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