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Sister Golda Lox

What is your full Sister name?


Golda Lox 


Other Aliases




Date you joined the Order?


3/2018 aspirant and 5/2019 FPM




Los Angeles


When did you discover your calling?


Rumblings started in the late 1990’s


Who were your Mother and Sponsors?


Mother is Sister Hera and Sponsors are Sisters Pansies, Gaia and Chola


Why did you join?


I joined to bring together my desires for community service, activism, and drag as a form of activism within a community of passionate and like minded individuals.


Religious Beliefs (if any)


Jewish and Buddhist 


Major projects with the Order?


Project Nunway, Easter, Conclave, Archives


Rules by which you live?


Empowering myself and others through love, passion, and joy.

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