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Sister Viva L'Amour des Hommes

Viva La Mer (Aar!), Volunteer Manna Shovitz, Cardinal Cockblock, UhOh! the Sad Clown, Sister Drunkypants

Lay Occupation
HIV/AIDS non-profit whore

Date of Birth
April 17, 1993

San Francisco, CA

How did you discover your calling?
One day, many moons ago, there was a little event called the Bay to Breakers. My dear and lovely auntie took me to this lovely event and somewhere around Hyde Street Hill, we ran into a troupe of nuns. I've seen them around before, but never had a name to the faces - and thankfully my aunt, being the super cool lady that she is, was able to fill me in.

After that I would more consciously cross paths with the order and always felt a strong love and connection to the group. When I moved back to San Francisco after a two year hiatus, I knew it was time and here we are!

Sponsor in the Order
Sister Saki Tumi is my ever-stunning mother (bless her for putting up with me). Sisters Flora Goodthyme and Lily White are my Big Sisters.

Why did you join?
I new I had a penchant for stunning gowns and clown makeup, but didn't quite know how to fulfill my need. I also was in search of a better way to minister community service work I have been doing for the past years. The Order was a perfect blend of the two needs/desires.

I think mostly I found a strong connection to our mission of expiating guilt and promelgating joy. With so much negativity in today's non-profit/activist communities, it was so very refreshing to come across a group which actively took positive steps to achieve change.

Plus, bitches look fierce.

Religious Beliefs
I was raised Russian Orthodox and still feel connected to my Russian community; however, they're not the biggest fans of the drag-nuns.

I think that my upbringing in that community, as well as growing up in the City, gave me an opportunity to find a spiritual (not necessarily religious) path that has provided much solace and inspiration for me.

Plus, I went to catholic school for 9 years.

Major projects with the Order
Besides regularly bringing embarassment, my Novice Project was a beer bust raising $3,000 for the 2005 AIDS LifeCycle.

Goals & aspirations
To keep having fun and enjoying the work which brings so much happiness to others, and myself.

Rules by which I live
Rules, shmools. I definitely very much believe in Mahatma Ghandi's over-used quote, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." It really just makes so much sense!


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