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Nuns of the Above

These Sisters have passed through the veil and joined our Nuns of the Above. A tip of the wimple to each and every one of them for being trailblazers and inspiration for the work we do today. We are comforted knowing they are sprinkling glitter blessings on us whenever they get the chance.


Reverend  Mother Abbess

Sister Atta Van Haldol

Sister Barbi Mitzvah

Sister Bi-Polar Dysfunction

Sister Boom Boom aka Sister Rose of the Bloody Stains of the Sacred Robes of Jesus

Sister Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Sister Chanel 2001 aka Gilbert Baker

Sister DiManda Tencion

Father Fellatio

Father Flick

Sister Florence Nightmare, RN

Sister Fleur of the Flip-Top Box

Sister Homocycle Motor Sexual

Sister Honey, Be!

Pope Impious the First de San Francisco

Sister Irma Gration

Sister Juanita La Bufadora

Sister Krishna Kosher

Sister Kumonowanalaya

Sister Lily Pads

Sister Lost and Found

Sister Luscious Lashes

Sister Mae B. Hostel

Sister Marie Ever-Ready

Sister Marquesa de Sade

Sister Mysteria of the Holy Order of the Broken Hymen

Sister Olive O'Sudden

Sister Psychedlia

Sister Quaalude Conduct

Sister Rosanna Hosanna Fella-Bella

Sister Saddie Saddie Rabbi Lady

Sister Salvation Armee

Sister Sensible Shoes aka Sister Loretta Timothy

Sister Sermonetta of the Flying Phalus

Reverend Mother Shapiro

Sister Sindy Vine

Sister Sleaze du Jour

Sister Sushi aka Sister Psychedelia

Sister Unity Harmony

Sister Vice n Virtue

Sister Xtasy-Marie-Colette

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