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Sister Selma Soul

Email Address

Do you have other names?

Saint Cabanaboy

How did you choose your name?

Sr Selma Soul originated on a road trip; all I knew was that I wanted something spiritually punny.

What is your most commonly misheard name?

“SOMA Soul”. 

Did you consider other names?

Poly Glamorous. I didn’t choose it because I didn’t want to have to explain it over and over again.


When did you join the order?

Sainted 12/99

Aspirancy declared 12/01

Fully Manifested 12/02

First event with the Sisters?

Volunteering at Pink Saturday. I joined a group from Rocky Horror SuperStar doing a Mock Right Wing Protest.  We dressed as church ladies.  I carried a sign that said “Keep Your Hands On My Body!”.  I sat next to Sr Dana that day, and although not in face it made an impression (on one another).


Lay Occupation

Art Pimp

What is your birthday?

January 9th, which makes me a Capricorn-Rat-Ocelot with Leo rising.

Where are you from?

Greenwich, CT, sweetie, darling.


When did you discover your calling?

After recovering a repressed memory of bumping into my religion teacher Sr. Cathleen at the Woolworth's hosiery department in second grade.


Who are your Sponsors in the Order?

My mama Sr Bea Attitude.

My Big Sisters are Helen Wheels and Sr Bea, who became my Mother.


Any Takeaways from your Process?

Learning to be open to the process is important because it can take you to unexpected places and relationships.


Why did you join the Order?

To make an impact on the community in the most powerful way I have yet to identify.


Do you have a specific ministry?

Changes. Most recently this has been an inward focus to ensure that the order is functioning to do the great work.


Have you had any children?

Yes, I’ve had three:

  • Sr Uma Gawd

  • Sr Bambi Dexterous

  • Sr Violet Sin Bloom


Little Sisters?

Yes, I’ve had a few.


Religious Beliefs:

Somewhere between Agnostic and Gnostic.

Goals and Aspirations:

To lift the hearts of strangers on the street with a wink or a smile.

To move people to action and away from complaint.

To be the possibility of all people living in joyful expression.


How would you describe your look?

Sr Selma serves up simple, understated elegance.


Rules by which I live:

In addition to the Golden One,

1) If I'm not willing to do something about it, I'm not going to complain about it.

2) Talk less, listen more: its amazing how much more you can communicate to others this way.

3) It's all fun and games until someone spills a cocktail.


What is Sr Selma in a nutshell?

Sr Selma likes to cut to the chase thoughtfully, respectfully, and joyfully.


Anything else that you’d like the curious to know?

It takes a convent to raise a nun.

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