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Sister Tammy fae Bakkersfield

Your Full Sister Name
Sister Tammy fae Bakkersfield!

Any Other Aliases

Date Of Birth
March 29th

Your Hometown
So much is in a name. I am originally from Bakersfield, California (aka the land of oil, fields, and pavement)

Date You Joined The Order
I began my process with the Sisters in January 2009; being automatically elevated to Postulant by dispensation. 

When Did You Discover Your Calling?
Late one foggy winter evening in my very early teens I was standing outside the late Paradise Lounge dressed in my glittery best admiring all the glamorous queens from LA who came to give us suburb folks a good show. This wonderful matron, Momma, came up to my Bakersfield Aids Project table where I was schleppin condoms and laughin loud and told me I was a total tranny disaster. "Not to fear" she said, "you just haven't found the right group of freaks." Momma filled me in on the ups and downs of faggotry I'd never thought able, and this is how I found out and began my path to join the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Why Did You Become A Sister?
Service to the community in the best, most appropriate way I could find.

Who Were Your Sponsors In The Order
My main sponsor and mother extraordinaire is Sister Mary Timothy Simplicity. The folks coaching my spawning process were Sisters Mary Juanita High, Jane D'oh and Eunice X. One person that wasn't officially tied to my birth that must be mentioned was confidant and challenger Sister Mary Ralph, The Proper Nun.

What Are Your Goals & Aspirations
To rid this world of racism, homophobia, patriarchy, exploitation, capitalism and greed. And to smile, laugh and love along the way.

Your Religious Beliefs (If Any)
Live LOVE, ALL wayS

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