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Sister Tilly Comes Again

Other aliases:
Sister Fraggle, Sister "T", Cindy-Lou Who

Date you joined the Order:
Aspired July 2003, Became Fully Professed, August 2004

Date of birth:
July 11, 1967

Wildwood, NJ

When did you discover your calling?
I have "call" waiting... no, I mean, I was drawn to the Sisters through friends and acquaintances. The more people I met in San Francisco, the more Nuns I met. My best friend's wedding was officiated by one of the Sisters and I was one of the best men. 

Sponsor in the Order:
Sister Camille Leone seemed the appropriate nun to bring me into the flock since she was the first nun I had seen naked... twice! But the one who would be my Mother is like my soulmate (without the sex), Sister Bearlesque.

Why did you join?
I joined to give back to the community, to find a way to be a social and political activist, and to do it in a very creative way.

Religious beliefs (if any)?
Reared Roman Catholic, served 12 years in Catholic school (which was not unlike hell or prison), and was an altar boy who was NOT molested... dammit! I left my one horse town and headed off to Baltimore where I discovered new age philosophies and beliefs that worked a lot better for me. I lived in Baltimore for 7 years and I became a minister in a multi-denominational organization called "The Temple of the Personal Path". I was also a member of a "commune" called "Infinite Earth". And I went regularly to sweat lodge and annual Sundance ceremonies under the guidance of a Sioux teacher. Currently my spirituality is important to me but not my primary focus.

Major projects with the Order:
• I was on the habit committee that came up with the design for our current habits.
• My Novice project: I organized, designed, and helped to build the parade float for the Sisters' 25th Anniversary at Pride 2004.
• Chairnun of REVIVAL Bingo for 2005!

Goals and aspirations:
• To live up to the expectations that I and my fellow Sisters have of me.
• To raise a little hell and learn to manage myself as well as others.
• To be the best person and Nun that I can be.
• To earn the respect of my fellow Sisters, and of the community.

Rules to live by:
Believe half of what you see, a quarter of what you hear, and all of what is in your heart. 

Some of Sister Tilly's favorite quotes:
"Up yer anus" -- my favorite drinking toast
"...and do you believe me now Sonny?" -- Kira from Xanadu
"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" -- Willy Wonka
"I pierced the toast!" -- Nathan Lane in Bird Cage

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