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Sister Holly Lewya

Email Address
sisterholly at thesisters dot org

What is your full Sister name?
Sister Holly Lewya

Other aliases
Sister Strawberry Shortcake, Sister Are You There God, It's Me Margaret? and Sister My Little Pony

Date you joined the Order?
I became a fully professed member on July 12, 2005!

What is your occupation?
Registered Nurse

Date of birth?
April 2, 1970

Austin, TX

When did you discover your calling?
While caring for Sister Sindy Vine during her struggle with lung cancer.

Sponsor in the Order?
My Big Sisters are Sister Gina Tonic, The Sparkling and Sister Bella de Ball. My Mother is Sister Lolita Me Into Temptation

Why did you join?
To care for the queer community and to further my involvement in progressive politics.

Religious beliefs (if any)?
Well, first off I was raised in Texas, which all but guaranteed religious trauma. To add to that, I was raised by a father who is a genuine cowboy (rodeos and all), a mother who is a lesbian feminist, a maternal grandmother who was a Unitarian, a maternal grandfather who belonged to a right wing Christian cult called the Berachah Church, and paternal grandparents who were strict Southern Baptist. After recovering from being born again while an early teen, I set forth on my own path of spiritual enlightenment and continue to try and learn from everyone's beliefs.

Major projects with the Order.
Co-Chaired the Pink Saturday Committee for 2005.

Goals and aspirations?
To carry on Sister Dana's legacy after she's gone. She's quite old, you know? I'm exercising my tongue as we speak.

Rules by which I believe
Love and compassion are not finite -- we have a limitless capacity to give these gifts.

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