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Sister Shalita Corndog

Do you have other names?

Sister Shalita Boutanything

When did you discover your calling?

As a kid in San Francisco, my dad took me to see a protest. The Sisters were marching with ACT-UP to protest the use of a photo of a man dying of AIDS in a marketing campaign to sell clothes.  I saw how beautiful they were, and the power that they had.  I wanted to be a Sister.

Who were your Mother and Sponsors?

Sister Mary Timothy Simplicity, Sister Jezabelle of the Enraptured Sling, and Sister Tilda NexTime


Why did you join?

I am a healer, and this is a spiritual journey for me; a way to give back to my community and fellow sisters.  Using a creative outlet to spread joy, love, and light!

Religious Beliefs

I am Jewish- my Hebrew name is Neshama Yosef: 'the soul of Joseph' named after the boy who wore the coat of many colors.  I love divinity and all things divine.


Major projects with the Order?

I am involved with several major events, remaining a supportive presence on committees and during the events.

Rules by which you live?

I live my life according to my belief system and lead by example. I do not judge others, and stand up for those that find themselves without a voice.

Email Address


Social Media

Instagram: @innocenti113 or Facebook:

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