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Image by Max Koo

Sister Flora "Floozy" Goodthyme

Email Address

Other Aliases

Sister Floozy!, “Your Favorite Floozy!”, DJ FloozyFlo, Father Jacques Strapp,

Omnipotent Goddess of the "High Life" to the Imperial Court of Swinging Monkeys and

Roaring Tigers

Most commonly misheard name

Sometimes I get “Suzy” instead of “Floozy!”, I’ve heard “Sr Florence”, too. But nothing

beats how often I get “Roma”.

Lay Occupation

Makeup Artist since 1999 with various film, print, education, and event experiences. Sr

Flora is an event producer, personal assistant, and overall bad ass.


Date Of Birth

Sr Flora was born on Easter Sunday, 2002




El Sobrante, Idaho, Alameda, San Francisco - Bay Area


Date Joined The Order




Elevated to Fully Professed Member


August 3, 2004


When Did You Discover Your Calling?

I initially discovered my calling in 2002, as a result of supporting Sr Lolita Me Into

Temptation at Easter Sunday in Dolores Park with The Sisters. I had put on a pretty

dress, and I looked gorgeous at a picnic, and while I watched the parade of nuns from

different houses, and all the organizations and community that the Sisters supported it

struck me the parallels of community service between the Sisters and the various

scouting things I did as a youth.

I used to think I was a shit magnet, and then I realized I’m just a Sister.

Sponsors In The Order


My Mother is Sr Penny Lane.


Why did you choose the mama you did?


It was simply meant to be.


My Mother taught me to step outside my comfort zone and unleash my inner amazon warrior



My Big Sisters are Srs Edith My Flesh and Roxanne Roles


What did you learn from your Big Sisters?


I was inspired by their hard work and powerful commitment to service to

the inner-workings of the order and the community.


Major Projects In The Order


I have served in many capacities within the Order throughout the years, including:

● Mistress of Novices

● Mistress of Saints

● Mistress of Archives

● Ministrant within the Perpetual Indulgence Ministerial Program (PIMP)


Sr Flora has also served the community as Point Nun for many SPI events. Some of

the highlights are:


● House Manager for Bawdy Storytelling

● Sing Till It Hurts! - weekly Karaoke dance party for charity

● Project Eden Queer Youth Prom


You will also likely see Sr Flora at any of the major Sister supported events such as


Easter, PRIDE, Folsom, and Up Your Alley.


Goals & Aspirations

To Comfort the Disturbed and Disturb the Comfortable...


Rules that you live by?

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Leave it better than how you found it.

Whatever you are, be a good one.


Ministerial Focus

My ministry is to promulgate universal joy, expiate stigmatic guilt, make genuine

connections, and support the global community.


Religious Beliefs




Do you have any children?


Guard Garter Well

Sr Maudlin Masscara

Sr Freda Desire

NvSr Amor Ah Quality


My children share a fiery activist spirit, while being equally gentle and present for

ministry within the communities we serve.


What “is” Sr Flora in a nutshell”?

Service oriented top.


Is there anything else you want the curious to know?

While some may see Sr Flora’s manifestation as intimidating, the face allows for those

who need her ministry to be called closer, while the merely curious take pictures from

afar. When someone approaches Sr Flora it is an opportunity to spark a conversation

that often leads to a genuine connection.

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