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Sister Mary Juanita High

Date joined
August 2005

Sponsor in the Order
Sister Penny Lane, the best Mother a nunling could have.

What is your occupation?
Hairburner and amateur historian.

Date of birth?
October 28, 1967. Since I was elevated to FPM November 14, 2006 this makes me double the Scorpio... YOW!


When did you discover your calling?
I have been discovering my calling for most of my life. I felt called to volunteerism as a teenager inspired by doing MS Society walks with my mom. I discovered my spirituality at age 13 and came out of the closet at 15 based on the security I felt with my mystical experience. Becoming a nun is something I fell I have been training for and slowly moving toward for the past 25 years. It feels like the most natural thing I have ever chosen to do. And yet it feels more like being a nun chose me. Either way... I finally decided to answer the call. 

Why did you join?
Back in 2004 I went on my first AIDS Lifecycle as a roadie and loved it. We would dress in costume while serving riders snacks and laughs. When I got home I began looking for a way I could do that all the time. Finally, in the summer of 2005 I met Sister Jane D'oh and we became friends. I attended her elevation in August 2005 and began the process that night to become a Sister. I knew it was what I had to do.

Religious beliefs (if any)?
I was fortunate to be raised without any institutionalized religion by parents who allowed me to ask my own spiritual questions and find my own answers. After years of watching Tammy Faye Baker on the PTL Club I began wondering why I never felt the proverbial bolt of lightening filling me with the spirit (I was still a virgin spiritually and physically... but not for long). Long story short... I found God and my spirit at that tender young age. Since then I have studied many religions and while I find each fo them have something useful to offer the world, they cannot replace a personal relationship to the God (note: I use the term God as it is the reigning vocabulary choice of my day but not as a reference to any one religion's deity).

Major projects with the Order.
· Tour De Castro, October, 2006 — my novice project for AIDS Lifecycle riders which raised a whopping $8000
· Children's Easter 2006

Goals and aspirations?
To be the best nun I can be and to leave this world a brighter place than when I came in. I'd like to be on "What Not To Wear"

Rules by which I believe.

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