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Sister Kitty Catalyst

What is your full Sister name?
Sister Kitty Catalyst, O.C.P — of the catnip patch

Other aliases.
Sister Sweat of the Brow (Sister SOB)
Father Ray Gin
My Noviate name was Sister Bonbon Ominous Faux Pas

Date you joined the Order?
I came to San Francisco via the London Order that I had joined (1991-92); I was on a student work visa program and met the Sisters who volunteered at the London Lesbian & Gay Centre. The London Order was inspirational in grassroots activism and fundraising.

What is your occupation?
Office Administration, social marketing and consulting

When did you discover your calling?
I think during my upbringing in the Presbyterian Church, some called it the church of the big car. There were some wonderful people who called it home but it helped me see that you aren't a Christian unless you actually live as one. I was always much more interested in the parties — they bring people together.

Sponsor in the Order?
A wonderful sister in London, Sister Dominatrix de Hommes, who has since then joined a monastery, originally sponsored me. In San Francisco my mother is Sister Dana Van Iquity, who has been a trail blazer for years and continues to be a role model of what one nun can do.

Why did you join?
I had a lot of volunteer and activism experiences and had done quite a bit of stuff in the environmental movement. I knew that I wanted to do more and I was coming out at the same time so queer activism it was. The Sisters allow for a multitude of possibilities that I enjoy. I'm a self-professed femme-nazi and homo-propagandist, bending gender on the front lines to diverse audiences in the Bay Area and beyond especially with media activism.

Religious beliefs (if any)?
I guess you want to know my spiritual interests? I would mostly affiliate with a Wicca & faerie tribe but I think the Quakers are pretty cool as well. I can't subscribe to the damage done to Jesus' name by so-called Christians who only seem to dress the part. Jesus is about L-O-V-E and does not banish anyone from the Church. Also, he doesn't take kindly to those who wage war against fellow humans or any living thing.

Major projects with the Order
Yikes! There have been quite a few. In addition to five beautiful daughters and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I have my share of adventures. I led the charge to produce the Sisters' AIDS quilt for the Nuns of the Above and was the Mistress of Archives coordinating that aspect for many years. Eventwise I've produced dozens of events including the transformation of San Francisco's largest underground party, Pink Saturday, from a "non-event" (yuck) into a street partay which now raises thousands for queer charities and has an estimated quarter of a million people attending. I also helped the Order transfer out of Hallowe'en when we didn't have the support of the city so we felt we needed to celebrate in safety while still raising money for charity. I've continually used my energies to bring attention to social issues including calling morally challenged politicians, hello President Bush Junior, to the carpet and celebrating many everyday heroes who stand up for human rights.

I'm also the Co-founder (with Sister Dana Van Iquity), and creative director of the Sister Sock Show that stages extra-alternative performances and spectacles. I co-founded the BLOW project — Beautiful Lips On Whistles, using a safety whistle as a symbol to confront hate crimes CAMPaign with Saint Hank Wilson and am the Co-director of the San Francisco AIDS Candlelight Vigil also with Saint Hank Wilson.

I continue to organize and produce alternative and counter-culture events while putting the pagan into propaganda.

Goals and aspirations?
To stay open to what's really needed and be effective at whatever I choose to do.

Rules by which I believe:
There's pudding in the mix.

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