Sister Mary Timothy Simplicity

Other aliases?
Sister Lolita Me Into Temptation Deliver Us From Egos, Cha Cha Coo Coo, Cub Scout Timmy

Date You Joined the Order?
I officially met the Nuns during the 20 year Anniversary Street Party. I decided to volunteer at the gates that day as Cindy Lou, the Easter Seals Gurl, along with my best buddy and partner in crime, Dusty Rhodes.

What is your occupation?
Nun & House Wife

Date of Birth?
July 2, 1976

Providence, Rhode Island.

When did you discover your calling?
As a young boy I had always been fascinated by religion. I remember my Aunt Jackie giving me this wonderfully painted children's bible. It was my favorite thing. I remember at one time telling my Nana that I wanted to become a priest even. It was on my third night in San Francisco when I met Sister Phyllis Stein the Fragrant and then it clicked for me. I ached to be this spiritual creature and all of a sudden there was a path in front of me, so I took it.

Sponsor in the Order?
I came into the order under the divine guidance of my two God Sisters, Sister Reyna Terror and Sister Kitty Catalyst O.C.P. When it was my time to come into the order as a Novice Sister, I chose Sister Kitty to be my Sponsor and Mother. She has been inspirational to me thru my whole journey. She KICKS ASS!

Why did you join the Order?
I joined the order to fill the deep need to serve my community and foster my own spiritual growth. I have always had a calling to community service but never considered it to be a spiritual path. Moving to San Francisco helped to open my eyes by showing me healthy, spiritual queers. I wanted to be apart of that. I needed to be apart of that. After seeing what the Sisters were about, I wanted to be apart of that energy. It felt like coming home.

Religious Beliefs (if any)?
I believe that you should always play nice with others, especially yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically. Other than that, I believe in a little of this and a little of that. I celebrate a nice mix of Judaeo-Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Wicca-Faerie Traditions. I guess I'm a Sufi of sorts.

Major Projects with the Order?
Children's Halloween 2000 and 2001
SPI Board Member 2001
Mistress of Saints 2001
Mistress of Archives 2005
1,000 Paper Cranes... Nuns of the Above Memorial 2005 (on going)
Raising three beautiful daughters in the order: Sisters Sharin' Dipity Reveal, Mable Syrup & Holly Lewya

Goals and Aspirations?
To love and let myself feel all the love I can. To live up to the vows I took several years ago… to Promulgate Universal Joy, Expiate Stigmatic Guilt and to serve my fellow Sisters and Community.

Rules by which I believe?
Mean what you say but don't say it mean. To show compassion where ever I can. Now every one… just play nice!

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