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Sister Mable Syrup, the Nun Too Sweet

Other Aliases

Well, I'm also known as the None Too Sweet, especially with a paddle in my hand!


Most commonly misheard name

Regularly misspelled as Maple or Mabel, but more fun: I am often blessed to hear, "Hi Sister Rox!" ;)


Lay Occupation

Such a wide range of past roles, but currently a Sr. Business Analyst in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


Date Of Birth

April 18




San Francisco - Bay Area


Date Joined The Order

My first event was Halloween 2003. Elevated to Fully Professed Member 7 December 2004.


When Did You Discover Your Calling?

I was spending a lot of time with Sister Sharin Dipity, doing some healing energy work, when she asked me to come and visit her mother Sister Lolita Me Into Temptation, who was in the hospital. I'd already been attending Sister events like Easter, and walking near them in Pride parades and such, but before this hadn't made a personal connection. Over the course of the next few months, I became gradually more and more a part of this family, until one day Sister Sharin asked me why I wasn't stepping into my nun shoes. Sharing that my excuse was "not enough time," led her to respond, "there's always time for what you want in life." And that was that. 

Sponsors In The Order


My Mother is Sr Mary Timothy / Lolita Me Into Temptation.


Why did you choose the mama you did?


To be fair, she totally chose me. I was already so close with her and Sharin, it was natural to move even further into that divine circle.


What did you learn from your Sisters?


I was inspired by their hard work and powerful commitment to service to the inner-workings of the order and the community. (ok, I stole this from Flora, but it's still true...) Sister Flora and Sister Edith continue to shine light into the dark for me, and help me find what's important on the path. Sister Selma also taught me the value of admiring my own legs from below, while lounging on benches in public. 


Major Projects In The Order


The night I became fully professed, I was also given the role of Sexytary (I was terrible).


I've also done a lot of work with Easter, Folsom Street, Up Your Alley, and LOADS of beer busts.


Most proud of the work I did for years setting up the Altars for Dia De Los Muertos, and putting together the first Joy Triangle stencil with Sister Mae Joy B Withu.


Goals & Aspirations

Spread Love & Joy, Comfort the Disturbed, Disturb the Comfortable!


Rules that you live by?

Don't let it hit the ground, leave no trace.

If you can't say anything nice, wait til you're alone with your Sisters.

Ministerial Focus

All joy, no guilt, take an extra scoop salad in the beer bust queue!


Religious Beliefs


Where we're going, we don't need rules...


Do you have any children?


Sister Gladys Pantzarhoff - she ran away to Seattle, jazz-hands in the air!


Who “is” Sr Mable in a nutshell?

Service-oriented laughing top.


Is there anything else you want the curious to know?

I listen to people of color, practice every day to be a better ally, and meditate to make the world a better place.

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