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Sister Dharma Gettin

Fully Professed:

July 9, 2013

Mother or Sponsor:

Sister Eve Volution

Big Sisters or Guards:

Sisters Zsa Zsa Glamour & Oyve Maria

From my loins:

None yet, but no longer opposed to the idea, either.

Religious Beliefs:
The Christianity I was taught as a child did a horrible number on me later in life after finding out that I'm gay. During puberty and especially after every time I master bated, I'd become instantly consumed by feelings of guilt, shame, desperation and sadness. I loved God and wanted him to love me. I prayed and begged and pleaded and bargained with God to just give me a little help in overcoming this terrible affliction. I reasoned that people weren't born gay because it was against God's design, so it must've been acquired somehow. Therefore, since my Queerness was acquired, it could also be discarded. I wanted nothing more than to discard this part of myself to be normal, fit in and make God proud of me. This torment started when I was 11, grew stronger with each ejaculation (6-8x/day...what? I was a very horny child!), and continued steadily until I was in my early 20's. The Christianity I was taught offered unlimited guilt and shame, yet not even a vague idea of how to overcome the things I was taught to feel shame over. I'd had enough! Somehow, Christianity was written in a language I just couldn't understand and only served to hold me down. . . . . . . That's when I discovered Buddhism, Lama Yeshe & Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and the tools I needed to be happy and love myself again. . . . Then I found The Sisters and OMG! What a B L E S S I N G!!!


Personal Beliefs:
You are absolutely beautiful, in fact perfect, just the way you are! Never be afraid to let your authenticity show. Never hide it or try to change yourself to make someone else happy! Only change because you, yourself want to change! I know, sometimes that's easier said than done, right? Never fear! I have a secret that will help you. Call on it whenever you need that extra strength, that reason to smile, to find yourself. . . (Wait for it) "#FuckTheHaters!" Fuck 'em! Listen, this is very important! We should never, ever push anyone out of our hearts. At best, we should have compassion and empathy for them, at worst at least the realization that we're all on this rapidly shrinking planet together. INTERCONNECTED! We affect each other both profoundly and subtlety. But if they're spewing all that negativity FUCK'em! No reason to let them rain all over our Folsom Street Fair, or whatnot! In our hearts, yes! In our lives, maybe not! When you think about it, that's probably all they need to chill out a little bit anyway. So if they're too ugly or just not your type, find somebody else to FUCK'em. Just get em'FUCKed! Hopefully after they get some of that "good Xtra lovin'" they'll go ahead and stop hating so much; so we can all be happy, together as the one-family all life on earth truly is. BUT YOU, DARLING, ARE ALREADY PERFECT, REMEMBER THAT!

Rules to Live By:

• Leave things a little nicer than you found them.

• Treat others better than you'd wish to be treated, yourself.

• Help out when you can, but say no when you have to.

• Do what you enjoy most and strive until you're Enlightened!

• Lift others up high and you'll find yourself lifted right up there with them!!!

• Commit to spreading JOY everywhere, everyday.

• And work to destroy all stigmatic guilt & shame! Until everyone is FREE.


Past or current projects with the Order:

Children's Easter Committee

Pink Saturday Committee

Activism Committee

Ministry Committee

Working Group on Community Health Activism

Membership Handbook Committee

Guardian Group

Stop the Violence Campaign


Facebook Page:


Web site:

Diary of a Madd Drag Nun

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