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Sister Dana Van Iquity

What is your full Sister name?

Sister Dana Van Iquity 

Other Aliases

Elfis the XXXmas Elf (during Xmas holidays) 

Date you joined the Order?

at the end of SF Gay Pride Parade 1985 (latter June)


born in Los Angeles, then moved to Glendale, California for 6th grade.

When did you discover your calling?

When I was a kid, sometimes I'd wrap a towel over my head and pretend to be a nun (or other times, a pirate). But it took my being drafted at the end of the '85 Pride Parade as a stand-in nun, because they didn't have enough nuns for the six colors of the rainbow. I was a stand-in yellow nun. At the end of the parade, the Sisters said, "Welcome to the Order!" I replied, "Do I get a vote in this?" and they said, "Nope!" Soooo I was called. And never regretted it!

Who were your Mother and Sponsors?

Sister Boom Boom and Sister Mysteria aka Sister Mystie were my mothers, and Vicious Power Hungry Bitch was my sponsor.

Why did you join?

See above. I was recruited.


Religious Beliefs (if any)

Christian-based, but mostly just "spiritual" - all about unconditional love.

Major projects with the Order?

I rewrote and edited the "Play Fair" safer sex manual. 

...and if there's a project, I will probably volunteer. I also enjoy emceeing. 

Rules by which you live? 

My biggest personal rule is to express unconditional love as often and as much as possible. 

Email Address? - feel free to send dick pix!  ;-> 

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