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Sister Baba Ganesha

Fully Professed:
July 7, 2010


Barbra Ganesh, Rachel T. Harmony, Taiwan On, BabaGaga, Hooker


Mother or Sponsor:
Sister Titania Humperpickle


Big Sisters or Guards:
Tuna Noodle Cocktail, Hellen Wheels, Selma Soul


When Did You Discover Your Calling?:
My calling came at the Sisters’ 30th Anniversary exhibition at YBCA.  I produced the event with Sister Mary Juanita Higher Power as curator.  For the opening, the SF Sisters descended the grand staircase in procession according to tenure. Below, hundreds of nuns visiting from around the world watched in amazement of what 30+ years of Queer tradition looks like. I was at the bottom of the stairs weeping with joy & now look…I’m a Queer Penguin too!


Religious Beliefs:
I am a Ganesh Devotee thus I believe in all Gods & none.


Personal Beliefs:
I believe in unfucking this world with raucous joy, sweet permission, &  promiscuous creativity.  Having said that, I will also fight the necessary fight. My vision is future facing. As active agents of society, I believe we should live as engineers of the near future by living sustainably, loving immeasurably, & actively imagining and working toward a world we deserve to live in.


Quotes to Live By:
Cast all your votes for DANCING!--Hafiz


Rules to Live By:
When applying make up in lo-lighthing one MUST stay in lo-lighting.


Past or current projects with the Order:
Creator of Project Nunway & Castro Mecca Procession


Past Positions with the Order:
2012: Board Vice Chairnun



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