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Sister Mary Ralph, the Proper Nun

Fully Professed:

March 2008


Mary Ly Onward,Fr Lee Amore,Leada Horticulture


Mother or Sponsor:

Sister Mary Mayhem / Sister Holly Lewya


Big Sisters or Guards:

Sister Lilith of the Valley, Sister Mabel Syrup, Sister Mary Peter, Sister Mary Juanita


From my loins:

Sr. OyVey Maria, Sr. Marion A.Mann

When Did You Discover Your Calling?:

While on a visit to San Fransisco ... Sister Constance Craving called me out.


Religious Beliefs:

I do not believe in RELIGION ... it's the Narcotic of the masses ( look what that got us...).

Personal Beliefs:

Practice the life you wish to live ....

a little bit of kindness can go a long way


Quotes to Live By:

If you can not be with the one you love ... love the one you're with.


Rules to Live By:

The Golden Rule is a great place to start ...

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