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Sister MaryMae Himm

E-mail Address?

What is your full Sister name?
Sister MaryMae Himm of the Havoc Habit

Other aliases.
Father Hymn

Date you joined the Order?
Introduced to the Nuns in Seattle in 1988; Joined Officially 1/95; Fully Professed 1/98

What is your occupation?
Isn't it more a pre-occupation?? oh wanna know how I make money... I am officially disabled

Date of birth?
4/3/66 (Double Aries with a Virgo Moon)

Home is Where the Heart is...and my heart is in San Francisco

When did you discover your calling?
I think that a calling is discovered and rediscovered constantly. I know I am a nun, and that I can't imagine my life in any other way now. I discover my calling everytime I leave a function and know I did something good.

Sponsor in the Order?
Proud Daughter of Sister Penny Costal, Granddaughter to Sister Lily White Superior Posterior (Sister Hellen Wheels is the best evil step mother a nun could have)

Why did you join?
I finally had run out of excuses, and had to answer the nagging voice that kept calling me to the order... Being a nun allows me to do what I consider to be God's work in a fun, exciting, and meaningful way. I think humans are on this planet to help each other, and The Sisters provide me with a way to do that which makes a difference.

Religious beliefs (if any)?
Buddhist with some Christianity, Faerie and Wiccan thrown in for color.... Everything you believe is real is real...and I believe it is all real.

Goals and aspirations?
One day I hope to be President of the United States...The first HIV+, Gay, Nun President of the United States I also want to live long enough to see the end of the HIV epidemic.

Rules by which I Live.
It is not what you is what you DO
First do no Harm
Love all people as I wish to be loved
Justice knows no bounds, and love knows no limits
If ALL humans are not Free to be who they are...then no one is free....

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