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Sister Gina Tonic the Sparkling

Full Sister Name

Sister Gina Tonic the Sparkling.

But, let's not forget the sweet Angel Puppy, Saint Lucy Fur

Email Address

sisterginatonic at thesisters dot org

Date Of Birth

24 December 1960; just a day before (and a few years after!) the birth of Christ


San Francisco

Date Joined The Order

August 1998

When Did You Discover Your Calling?

As a wee girl at the Holy Family Day Home, Sister Gina remembers thinking how glamorous the Sisters of Notre Dame were in their long, flowing habits. A few years later at Mission Dolores school, she watched in fascination as all the nuns dropped to their knees as the Archbishop walked through the schoolyard. Faboo, dropping to one's knees in front of a man AND getting to wear a flowing veil and short(ish) skirt (Vatican II, you know)!. Et voila, Sister Gina received her calling!

Sponsor In The Order

Sister Gina comes from the finest of lineage, the bluest of blue blood, oops, I mean eyeshadow: daughter of Sister GiGi Fa'Q, the French Whore (and, indeed, she is); grand-daughter of Sister Hellen Wheels; and great grand-daughter of Sister Dana van Iquity.

Goals & Aspirations

To make you feel good, darling!

Religious Beliefs

Sister Gina is trying to get over her Catholic upbringing. She still has fantasies of Romans and crosses!

Rules By Which Sister Gina lives

  • Nails, like eyelashes, can never be too long and flawless.

  • Champagne bubbles, unlike penises, can never be too small.

  • More eyeliner is always better.

  • Use Sisley products by the truckload to battle in-flight dehydration.

  • Martinis can never be too dry.

  • Promulgate universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt.

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