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Sister Bambi Dextrous

Sister Bambi Dextrous is a metamagic Nun focused on balance and service. She has devoted herself to the Radical Faeries and serves that community in many diverse ways. Working at Gatherings, making meals, driving donations, helping the special needs of the Sisters' founders and discovering the vast network of sanctuaries across the globe (California, Oregon, New Mexico, Vermont, Tennessee, Florida, New York, Hawaii, etc.) are among the many gifts that her service has grown from. Always looking to lend a helping pair of hands in ritual, or in real construction, Bambi brings love and patience to the table. She helped build Breathwood, a home in the Short Mountain Sanctuary "faebrohood", and enjoys making hard labor into light work with abilities and ideas that stem from a grounded rooted healthy understanding of ecology and sentience within it.

She is currently back with the mother house of San Francisco and is serving as Mistress of Saints 2020.

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