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SisterGuard N. O'Pansies

What is your full Sister name?

Sister Guard N O’Pansies
Also known as Sister Pansies and/or Guard N O’Pansies.


​Date you joined the Order?


January 2012




San Francisco


When did you discover your calling?


I’ve been volunteering most of my life.  I have been called to serve my community probably since middle school age.  My calling to be a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence began around 2010.


Who are your Mother and Sponsors?

My Mother is Sister T’aint A Virgin.  My Big Sisters are Sister Sister Jezabelle of the Enraptured Sling, Sister Agnes Dei'Afta Tamara and my big brother is Sister Guard TheO Pressed.  My mom d’campe is Sister maeJoy B. withU (HRC).


Who are your Daughters and Little Sisters?

My Daughter is Sister Tilda NexTime. My Little Sisters are: Sister Kay Thulu Sera Sera, Sister Chola de Dah, Sister Abbi Abnormal, Sister Nina Hagen-Daaz, Sister Golda Lox, and Novice Guard FreeQueen Deee-lite.

Religious Beliefs (if any)

I was born and raised Roman Catholic.  I believe in such huge a variety of things it’s hard to put into words.  I believe there are higher powers, with strong belief in the goddess.  I am a member of the Companions of Dorothy the Worker, Inc. which is an ecumenical Christian community serving the queer communities.


Major projects with the Order?


Novice Project: Sisters’ Patterns Unzipped-Fudge/Cookie fundraiser; Sisters’ Anniversary (Easter-in-the-Park) Co-Chair 2014, 2015 and 2016.   Children’s Halloween 2015-2016; Pride Parade Judge 2014-8.  Treasurer/CFO: 2015-2018; Board Member 2015-2020.  Abbess 2020.  Mistress of Habits 2014-2015. Project Nunway Committee 2012-2015.  Easter Committee 2012-2017.  PIMP Minister; Sister Marie-Noelle of the Companions of Dorothy the Worker, Inc.

Rules by which you live?


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Don’t toot your own horn.


Email Address?

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