Sister Hellen Wheels of the Daughters of the Divine Eruption

Full Name
Sister Hellen Wheels, Acting Superior Mother of the Daughters of the Divine Eruption
aka Father Butch
aka Mother Herculenium, Mother Superior of the Daughters of the Divine Eruption, Convent of Mt. St. Helens

In the fall of 1988, Father Butch joined up with the Sisters as a "chaperone" to Sister Dana and the other Nuns (they needed one badly!) Initially, the Sisters didn't take kindly to a Priest amongst their midst especially one that actually garnered a small portion of the public's attention. On Halloween 1990, in a fit of rebellion toward his benefactors/critics, "Sister Hellen" was created for the sole purpose of showing the other sisters how it's done. Hellen was only supposed to appear on Halloweens but as time went on, became more and more popular and visible till finally she took over.

Since then Hellen has taken part in hundreds of fund raisers, protests, seminars, parties and other events with the Sisters. She has been the leading force in setting up guidelines for the Order as it's Parliamentarian. He has written the bylaws for several nonprofit organizations and is versed in Robert's Rules of Order. She has also served as Secretary, Mistress of the Web and Archivist, as well as Novice Mistress to the Mother House for a number of years. She has also represented the Order for the Imperial Court of the Lion and the Lady, on the board of directors for the California Association of Pride and as the Administrator for the SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade Committee.

"Without equality and blue eyeshadow, nothing else maters."
"Freedom has no dress code."
"Nuns do it Missionary style."

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