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Sister Saki Tumi

E-mail Address?

What is your full Sister name?
Sister Saki Tumi

Other aliases.
Saint Sue Nami, Cookie, Pastor Prime (not there yet) and for a very brief period, Sister Beth Le Ham.

Date you joined the Order?
Started working with the Order 3/30/94, sainted 10/28/94 and fully professed 5/28/96.

Date of birth?

Everett, WA

When did you discover your calling?
I have volunteered with service organizations in the past that gave me the chance to give back to my community. I knew I wanted to be a part of a volunteer service organization that made a positive impact on people's lives. I look at this unique opportunity of service with the Order as less of a "calling" but rather more as a means of showing appreciation to my gay community and San Francisco.

Sponsor in the Order?
Sister Phyllis Stein the Fragrant

Why did you join?
I was introduced to the Order when my partner Richard (Sister Penny Costal) began the process of joining the Order in 1994. I attended the functions, meetings and helped out wherever I could. For this the Order sainted me in October of 1994. After seeing firsthand that the works and deeds of the sisters were good, I toyed with the idea of pursuing membership further. I found that after a while I also wanted a voice/vote as well so I too joined the Order.

Religious beliefs (if any)?
No "Organized" religious beliefs to speak of, however I have my own personal spiritual beliefs. I also have an open and respectful mind to others' beliefs.

Major projects with the Order.
President of the Order (Mistress of Ceremonies), 2001-2
I was the secretary (slave) for the Order in 1997 and Chair of the Board for 1998.

Goals and aspirations?
To see the Order grow in many ways, not just in numbers.

Rules by which I believe.
Keep a positive outlook on life and try to help, not hinder others on their own paths.

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