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Sister Risqué of the Sissytine Chapel

What is your full Sister name?


Sister Risqué of the Sissytine Chapel


Other Aliases


Elsie U. Inhell


Date you joined the Order?


May 1995






When did you discover your calling?


Before I moved to San Francisco, I heard about the Sisters from people that had lived in or visited the City. I felt an instant attraction to the group's mission, and I joined soon after moving here.


Who were your Mother and Sponsors?

My Mother is Sister Kitty Catalyst, who had the difficult task of sponsoring my twin, Sister Sistah, at the same time (Kitty taught us everything we know about glamour!)


Why did you join?

To expand my sense of community and purpose. And for the drag, of course!


Religious Beliefs (if any)


Girl Power!


Major projects with the Order?


  • The Sisters' Names Project Quilt Panel, design and construction (1995-96)

  • Names Project Display, Washington D.C. (1996)

  • Mistress of Novices (1997)

  • Secretary (1998, 2006)

  • Grand Marshal (Reno Pride, 1998; San Francisco Pride, 2000)

  • Looking Good, Feeling Fab I - IV (2003-06)

  • Treasurer (2010)

  • Life Ball Style Police, Vienna, Austria (2012, 2013)

  • President (2012; 2013)

  • Stilettos for Shanghai (2014)

Rules by which you live?


Shorter! Tighter!

Email Address?

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