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Sister Jane D'oh

E-mail Address?

Other aliases...
Father Phil Anthropy, Brother Ben E. Factor and Mother Mary Martin (Nun of That Drama)

Date you joined the Order?
Started volunteering with the Order July 2003 and fully professed August 2005.

What is your occupation?
Fundraising and Development for Non-Profit Organizations. I was inspired to leave the corporate world in 2007 to pursue a career in non-profit development because of my experiences working in fundraising with the Sisters!

Date of birth
September 6, 1967

I was raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, but I moved here from Nashville, Tennessee during the dot-com boom.

Why did you join?
Like many, Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City reinforced my love for the history and traditions of our community and this area. After living in San Francisco for a few years, I was amazed at the kaleidoscope that is the LGBT community. I see the Sisters as a sort of United Nations, in a way, because we are as diverse as our community, with our members supporting and being involved with a multitude of causes.

After volunteering for various organizations during my first three years in the City, I found my way to the Sisters. As a delegate to the Federation of Gay Games and a member of the Team San Francisco Board of Directors, I had heard the stories of the Sisters helping Dr. Tom Waddell raise money to help San Francisco host the first two Gay Games. Because of my involvement in the LGBT sports community, I had the opportunity to reintroduce the Sisters to sports!

Sponsor in the Order?
Sister Saki Tumi. Formerly known as Beth Le Ham, she is the daughter of Sister Phyllis Stein (coincidentally, my biological mother is named Beth, and my maternal grandmother is named Phyllis). I am overwhelmed to have such a wonderful person as my mother. Sister Saki has always been known as the first nun on the scene getting the work done and the last one to leave.

When did you discover your calling?
After watching Sister Saki work her magic. She really does make the service to our community an incredibly fun experience for everyone! Sister Saki says that she sees her work as "a means of showing appreciation to my gay community and San Francisco." I totally agree!

Religious beliefs (if any)?
I will celebrate your faith, but I have grown wary of the organizations established by men in the name of God. In a world currently torn apart by fundamentalist religions, I am tired of hearing from religious extremists (both foreign and domestic) who think they speak for God.

Goals and aspirations?
To bring laughter and joy to a hurting world. And to raise a lot of money in the process...

Rules by which I believe.
See the humor in every situation.

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