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Sisters Give It Away!

2023 Grant Schedule

Friday, September 1 Application form available

Sunday, September 10, 3:00PM PST: Grants Instructional Session #1 

Wednesday, September 13, 7:00PM PST: Grants Instructional Session #2


Sunday, November 19, 11:59 PM PST: Applications due


Friday, December 1: Grants announced

Apply here.


Please read the grant information carefully before applying.  If you need additional information please contact Mistress of Grants at  This address is to be used ONLY for grant questions and applications: do NOT add to your mailing list and please do not send any additional materials -- no brochures, solicitation letters, or other documents -- or we will call for a pox on your email server.  (We can actually do that).

About the Sisters' Grants Fund
The Sisters tend to support under-funded, small organizations and projects providing direct services to under-served communities. The majority of these organizations and projects receive little, if any, government or mainstream funding and may be in the early stages of development. 

We are especially attracted to progressive grassroots projects that promote wellness, joy, tolerance, and diversity within our communities. We have a vision that encompasses diverse communities and groups that have a common interest in human rights, people of every gender, gender identity, race, class, age, and sexual orientation.


We favor projects that serve the Bay Area or particularly embattled communities in other locales around the country and the world. (IMPORTANT: Please note, while we accept applications from organizations outside the United States, we require the involvement of a U.S.-based fiscal sponsor to function as recipient of any grant funds awarded.) 


We are especially thrilled to fund special projects (over general operations), to support innovators, and to provide seed money that will have a ripple effect. We welcome applications whether or not you have 501-c3 status or a fiscal sponsor.   

Our grants are typically $250 to $1,000. We rarely fund groups with budgets over $500,000. Given the many applications we received, we are unlikely to fund an organization in two consecutive grant cycles. 

We do not fund individual travel, research, living, medical or educational expenses or startup costs for businesses.

All grants recipients will be required to submit a brief final report with at least one photo documenting your work; these will enable us to promote your work on our community partners page.

2022 Saturnalia Grant Recipients

Queer Expression Oakland

Queer Expression Oakland is grassroots, volunteer and youth-led community organization facilitating inclusive creative movement and art-making spaces for queer and trans youth (ages 5-25) in the Bay Area.


Deaf Queer Resource Center

DQRC is a San Francisco-based national nonprofit that works to support, empower, uplift and bring more awareness and visibility to our underserved multiply-marginalized Deaf LGBTQ communities.


Queer Rebel Productions

Queer Rebels Productions is an arts organization with presenting, commissioning, and residency programs that provide visibility and financial sustainability to QTBIPOC artists whose works challenge white supremacy, racism, trans-phobia, homophobia, and classism. 


Navigating Consent

Navigating Consent is a volunteer educational organization working in the sex-positive community. Navigating Consent works with survivors and transgressors learning and practicing consent and recovery skills in an experiential workshop series.


Mariposa Storytelling

Mariposa Storytelling provides venues and opportunities for the art of storytelling to flourish in Mariposa County. Mariposa Storytelling’s goal is to bring native Miwuk stories to classrooms across the county. The funds will ensure the success of a re-energized annual storytelling event which had been suspended because of Covid.


Two Spirit Sweat Lodge

This grant provides seed money for the first 2 spirit lodge to be build at Indian Canyon, Ohlone Land dedicated to creating space for indigenous ceremony.


El Rio, Your Dive

A queer owned and operated events and community space / Legacy Business that has been operating in the heart of the Mission District for 44 years. Grant supports adding one new ADA bathroom and one two-stall bathroom.


Maya's Magic Shop

Maya's Magic Shop is a black, queer, woman owned establishment that originated as Maya's Songbird's Merch and became its own entity. This shop became a DIY botanica establishment frenzy that cultivated mass success through connecting humanity to other worldly entities effortlessly building portals through candle color therapy established 2012. The grant will help fund the Maya's Magic Shop tarot deck. 


Bay Area Mexica Queer & Two Spirit (BAMQTS) Collective

The BAMQTS Collective (re)creates sacred spaces for Queer and Two Spirit people to (re)connect with their Mexica and Indigiqueer traditions. This includes ceremonies, blessings/prayers and Mexica dance. These funds will be used to cover the costs of the BAMQTS annual ceremony. 


Sojourn Chaplaincy

Sojourn Chaplaincy provides spiritual care and emotional support to some of the most marginalized residents of San Francisco.


Valid USA

Valid USA provides education, gender affirming clothing and resources to transgender youth and young adults. This grant goes to purchase chest binders and clothing for California Students.


Mission Mini Comix

Mission Mini Comix is a San Francisco/Bay Area based organization that creates mini comics about relevant issues on topics ranging from harm reduction to political satire. Local artists contribute to each 1 page, 8 panel issue as has been Mission Mini's tradition for the past 25 years.

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