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Sisters Give It Away!

Our 2022 Saturnalia Grant Cycle

Application form available: October 27, 2022

Applications due: November 29, 2022, 11:59 PM PST

Grants announced: December 2022

Applications are now closed.


Please read the grant information carefully before applying.  If you need additional information please contact Mistress of Grants at  This address is to be used ONLY for grant questions and applications: do NOT add to your mailing list and please do not send any additional materials -- no brochures, solicitation letters, or other documents -- or we will call for a pox on your email server.  (We can actually do that).

About the Sisters' Grants Fund
The Sisters tend to support under-funded, small organizations and projects providing direct services to under-served communities. The majority of these organizations and projects receive little, if any, government or mainstream funding and may be in the early stages of development. 

We are especially attracted to progressive grassroots projects that promote wellness, joy, tolerance, and diversity within our communities. We have a vision that encompasses diverse communities and groups that have a common interest in human rights, people of every gender, gender identity, race, class, age, and sexual orientation.


We favor projects that serve the Bay Area or particularly embattled communities in other locales around the country and the world. (IMPORTANT: Please note, while we accept applications from organizations outside the United States, we require the involvement of a U.S.-based fiscal sponsor to function as recipient of any grant funds awarded.) 


We are especially thrilled to fund special projects (over general operations), to support innovators, and to provide seed money that will have a ripple effect. We welcome applications whether or not you have 501-c3 status or a fiscal sponsor.   

Our grants are typically $250 to $1,000. We rarely fund groups with budgets over $500,000. Given the many applications we received, we are unlikely to fund an organization in two consecutive grant cycles. 

We do not fund individual travel, research, living, medical or educational expenses or startup costs for businesses.

All grants recipients will be required to submit a brief final report with at least one photo documenting your work; these will enable us to promote your work on our community partners page.

2022 Easter Grant Recipients

National Gender and Sexual Diversity in Dentistry Alliance (NGSDDA)

NGSDDA creates a welcoming and inclusive environment free of homophobia, transphobia, prejudice, and discrimination within the dental profession and its communities by increasing visibility of LGBTQIA+ individuals and resolving transgressions. With help from the Sisters Grant, NGSDDA plans to create and dispense/deliver dental care packages for those experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area. Packages will contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, sunscreen, chapstick, and an informational brochure.

Fremont High School Queer Student Association

The Fremont High School Queer Student Association works to promote equity and support for all LGBTQ Students in OUSD. They plan to use Sisters Grant Funs to bolster their gender-affirming clothes closet and give transgender and nonbinary students clothes that fit their gender identity and personal style.  


Oaklash is the Bay Area’s drag and queer performance festival. This year’s block party on Saturday May 28th will showcase performances from over 100 queens, kings, and queers! 

Night Ministry, Inc.

SFNM’s mission is to increase access to spiritual care and community – at night, on the streets, and on the phones - primarily to economically struggling and unhoused people in the Tenderloin. SFNM’s new volunteer program, Community Night Walks: Volunteers will accompany Night Ministers, increasing reach and impact in providing basic health needs and spiritual care to unhoused people.  

Ensamble Foclorico Colibri (EFC)

EFC is a LGBTQ+ Mexican Folklorico Dance Company. They are preparing a new dance suite, a Queer-Quincenera. Funds will provide costumes. Quinceneras are part of Mexican culture and this celebrates it through a gender nonconforming lens.

The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance

TASHRA's mission is to improve the physical and mental health of people who engage in non-traditional sexual practices including BDSM, kink and sexual fetishism. The grant will fund outreach and participant recruitment to enroll people in the International Kink Health Study. This Health Study will enroll over 3,500 people. TASHRA will use the results to increase healthcare provider awareness and competence when working with kink-involved patients.


J-Town Rainbow Coalition

J-Town Rainbow Coalition are working to raise the pride flag over Peace Plaza in Japantown for Pride. Funds will be used to pay for queer Japanese artist fees for a show hosted through in kind donation of gallery space by National Japanese American Historical Society. They anticipate between 150-250 members of the queer and Japanese American Community to attend the flag raising and accompanying programing. They seek to build bridges between the Nikkei and Queer community and raise awareness in a traditionally queerphobic Nikkei diaspora of the struggles of queer Kikkei and build solidarity.

Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP)

CAMP is a community, a public space, and an organizing force that uses public art (murals, street art, performance art, dance, poster projects, literary events) as a means for supporting social, economic, racial, and environmental justice messaging and storytelling. This year is CAMP’s 30th anniversary and the funds will be used to help support our annual Block Party. The community celebration spans the entire alley and features live music, street performance, painting, film and video projections and children’s activities.

The Everywhere Project 

The Everywhere Project provides life-saving harm reduction services like quality meals, narcan to reverse overdoses and safer use supplies to hundreds of vulnerable individuals weekly across the Philadelphia area. They plan to purchase tables, pop-up tents, coolers, and other supplies to launch a 3rd weekly outreach service in a vulnerable part of South Philadelphia. 

EveryMom Chicago

EveryMom Chicago provides essential newborn, postpartum, and breastfeeding supplies to women primarily on the historically underserved south side of Chicago. Grants will be used to purchase essential supplies for new moms and babies like extra thick maxi pads, diaper rash ointment, baby wipes, thermometers, etc.

TRANScend Retreat

TRANScend is an annual retreat designed for and by transgender and genderqueer folks. Folks at TRANScend Retreat build community with one another by deepening the ability to self-organize, create paths of resilience, redefine resistance, heal, socialize and further develop social justice movements.This grant will fund leadership stipends and facilitator fees for trans and genderqueer people, with an emphasis on people of color. In 2019 80% of presenters/organizers and 60% of attendees identified as POC.


Good Karma Bikes

Good Karma Bikes transformas lives through the medium of bicycles. The grant will fund one month of our free LGBTQ+ night program. This is a restart of their wildly successful women's night program which was attended by a large component of the LGBTQ+ community.

End of Isolation Tour

The End of Isolation Tour brings immersive, transformative theater to communities across the country on the front lines of imagining a world without prisons and the torture of solitary confinement. They will use the funds to support healing circles at the conclusion of each performance.

Dear Doris

In production documentary film about San Franciscan drag queen legend Doris Fish and her legacy cult film Vegas in Space. Filming at the Louise Lawrence Trans Archive in the Bay Area.  Funds would go towards cost of camera gear, lighting, sound archival footage.


Yearbook, is a queer introspective zine that documents the experiences of members of the LGBTQIA+ community through photos and interviews. This grant provides the ability to publish locally and share these important stories that might've otherwise been lost through time. The audience is widely the LGBTQIA+ community of North Texas and the zine promotes conversations on self love, acceptance, gender expression, community, etc.

Ivy Rose Zines

Ivy Rose Zines is a self produced comic book series. This strictly hand illustrated small press specializes in genres such as queer romance, conflict, self love, loss, and adventure. The grant will be used to produce the artist’s latest zine which will be a transcription of an interview with the artist’s grandmother recounting her experience surviving the Holocaust and immigrating from Germany.

Queer Cat Productions

Queer Cat Productions creates consent-forward, accessible, immersive theater and experiences that leave our audiences more connected. Artist Offering is a performing arts commission for a Black queer/ trans artist to create and showcase new work in the Bay Area as lead artist, with the administrative support of Queer Cat Productions.

The Barony

The Barony is an independent, nonprofit 501 (C)3 grass roots organization whose sole purpose is to promote harmonious relations between LGBTQI Youth and Society at Large. They want to continue building a foundation to create a safe place for at-risk youth to advocate for increased awareness and encourage a deeper cultural engagement. They want to facilitate classes & workshops to help alleviate mental illness issues and create a dynamic presence in those lives. 


Nathaniel Gadsden's Writers Wordshop

The Writer's Wordshop is a platform for Poets and Writers to share and publish their works. Students and adults create works of art, from the mind to pen and paper. The Grant will be used to celebrate Juneteenth at the State Museum of Pennsylvania with a free public program of Poets and Spoken Word Artists from Nathaniel Gadsden's Writers Wordshop.


Queer Rain 

Addressing the gap in resources and representation for BIPOC Queer femme and gender-expansive artist. They plan to use the funds to help in designing their second edition of the Queer Rain magazine. These funds would pay for the designer and printing of the magazine.

Camp It Up!

Camp It Up! (CIU!) celebrates LGBTQAI+ families with a deep commitment to diversity, racial justice, equity and radical inclusivity. CIU! summer family camp is a disco ball of gender identities and is a queer normative space where everybody is encouraged to be their most dazzling, embodied fabulous queer selves. 

Charity Beyond Belief Inc. dba Atheists Helping the Homeless Phoenix

Charity Beyond Belief promotes atheist fellowship through volunteer service to our local homeless community. They gather health and hygiene donations and distribute twice monthly. They are 100% donation driven. No sermons, no prayers, just love! The grant will be used to rent climate-controlled storage for six months to keep donation inventory safe between distributions.

Queer Arts Athens 

They use the Arts to provide space and opportunity for queers to feel comfortable in their own skin, express themselves and engage in queer community. Funds go directly towards the production aspects of our first community event, Professor Q's Quorum of Quintessential Queers: A Queer Cabaret.

Pflag Sandpoint 

A small chapter in north Idaho. This year will be their second Pride Festival. They rely solely on donations for this event. Funds will be used to purchase equipment, food/drink, permits, venue spaces for support events, and order/print educational materials/informational materials.

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