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Sister Constance Lee Craving of the Holey Desire

Fully Professed:

January 31, 2002

Mother or Sponsor:

Sister Bea Attitude

Big Sisters or Guards:

Sisters Camille Leon and Merry Peter

When Did You Discover Your Calling?:

Little Constance often walked around with a t-shirt (veil) on her head and a bathrobe on backwards (she thought it indicated piety), the image of nun didn't solidify until shortly after her arrival in San Francisco. She met the most fabulous creature ever to walk in heels and bring smiles to faces: Sister Phyllis Stein, the Fragrant. Through the grace and light of Sister Phyllis, Constance was able to see that there are many ways to be a nun. However, fear held her back from pursuing this new passion. It took her a few additional years to slowly work her way into the convent of the Sisters and to come to more fully understand the mission of Perpetual Indulgence in our community. Through the very spiritual and fae souls of Sisters like Lily White Superior Posterior and Merry Peter, Constance has started to come into her own ministry - a joyful calling she hopes to explore with all of her Sisters until her deeds are all that is left of her on this plain. 


Religious Beliefs:

Time for a sermon (run, children, run!!): Constance believes most people of faith have been robbed of their connection to spirit by religion - and what is worse is that most religions have worked ferverently to obfuscate that fact. She believes a long time ago some crotchety, old men who were not satisfied with controlling their own lives and destinies, decided to control the lives and destinies of others (wooo hooo, what fun!). These would-be control-queens understood that the best way to control others was through the use of myth and religion. Religion, of course, became law.

Queer people in early Western history and in many non-Westernized societies had/have been the shamans, the spiritual leaders of their communities since they have always been free of societal conventions. Since laws began to criminalize queers, religious leaders have not been equipped with the freedom to lead humanity to their spirit. Unfortunately, whether willfully or ignorantly, Constance believes many religious leaders have hindered the souls of the faithful from ever reaching the light. Religion therefore, with very few exceptions, is often the locked-gate rather than the path to a higher spiritual self.

Fortunately, things are changing - the spirit can not be contained by the actions of vain men. The Sisters are just one of many collectives that are returning queers to their hidden roots in the sacred. Sister Constance calls on all queer people everywhere of all genders to find the sacred clown within, to rage against the machine, to break the gate down and storm the path to a higher spiritual self.

...oh, and remember: Red, patent-leather, cum-fuck-me boots with a six inch heel always makes the best impression on that path!


Personal Beliefs:

Not so much beliefs as goals:

To be the best damn (or is that damned) nun I can be. Or if not, to have a martini and watch other people do all the work. Her new passion (or is thatrenewedpassion) is to blend her work in queer health outcomes, especially her current pursuit of nursing, with her spiritual journey. To find a way to help our brothers and sisters find a path that heals the body and the soul from those who would separate the two. Ultimately, when it is time for me to leave this world, I would like my soul to carry with it the memory of having done some good. Oh, and I want to be the Maitre d'Nun at the Gates of Hell daily afternoon Tea-Dance/Lava Pool Party for all eternity (for those who will be joining me pool-side, I'll make sure there is extra salt for the margaritas -- it gets warm by the pool, you know).

Past Positions with the Order:

Oh this and that...
Mistress of Archives
Board at Large
It's kind of hard to have a "position within an "order" of "anarchists"



Facebook Page:

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