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Sister Desi Juana Dewitt

Email Address // Socials // @SisterDesiSF


Other Aliases
Nun that I’ll claim! jk, Sister Desi works perfectly. I’ll even take a “Hello Sister…”
Date of Birth
Sister Desi was born when I transferred from the Eureka Order of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the SF Motherhouse in 2007.  I was one of the co-founder’s of the Abbey of the Big Red Wood, in Eureka, CA known then as Sister Ursa Minora.
Hometown and Life
I grew up in San Jose, California (AKA: LA North.) I lived in Humboldt for many years where I eventually helped start the Eureka Order. Currently, I live with my partner, Saint Wes Craven-Cox and our little schnauzer Gidget :)
Date Joined the San Francisco Order
October 2007
When Did You Discover Your Calling?
It was during my final year of undergrad at Humboldt State University, I was the only student with a handful of other queer men and allies who wanted to bridge the gap between the gay community and the larger conservative community. Our first event was a Bingo that raised over $8,000 for the Eureka Senior Center.
Why Did You Become a Sister?
I first learned of the Sisters when I was in my third year of high school. I was browsing AOL (omg… aging myself) and came across the Sister’s website and clearly saw a picture of Sister Hellen Wheels holding a parasol, donning a hoop skirt — it intrigued me as I was predominantly raised Catholic up through my teens. When I had the opportunity to start a Mission to become a fully professed Order, I grabbed at the chance! Our first call to action in Eureka was to make a large impact in our local community so we could reach our hands out to the other communities of Humboldt County. I enjoy doing the work of a traditional Nun in a very non-traditional way.
Sponsors in the Order
**My first Mother from when I was a Eureka Nun was Sister Nova Nilla of the Russian River Order**
My SF Mother is, the irreplaceable and unforgettable, Sister Farrah Moans.
My Big Sisters are Sister Jezabelle and Sister Flora Goodthyme (who was my Auntie and MoN during my novitiate) they both remain family to this date.)
Major Projects In the Order
* Board and GM Sexytary 2017 - 2022

* Co-creator/Chair Nun: Bearrison Street Fair

* Chair: Code of Conduct Committee; created our first official CoC with the help of an amazing group of Nuns.

* Chair: End the Gay Purge in Chechnya Committee; wrote the press release for the Sisters formal response to the atrocities in Chechnya and organized a vigil for those lives lost and tortured in Chechnya, outside the Russian Orthodox Church on Geary
* My Novice Project: Holy Rollers - a Big Gay Skate Party! Over $3,000 donated, benefitting LYRIC
Goals & Aspirations
I would like to see SPI’s newest event, the Bearrison Street Fair, really take off. The Bear community in SF has been overshadowed and often under served. I want the momentum to continue and eventually, really become a wonderful fundraiser for the Sisters, our local beneficiaries, and the Sisters grant fund.
Religious Beliefs
I don’t believe in one God. I believe in science. Aliens exist — who is piloting those UFOs/UAPs?!
Any Takeaways from your Initiate Process?
Since I was a founding Novice Sister in Eureka, it was my decision to restart my initiate process when I moved to SF.  I really felt the difference being a Nun in whiteface, wearing a veil. Having to leave that experience behind me when I transferred to the SF Motherhouse, was intense. I had to navigate a new Order and the City as a postulant. I learned to always listen — there are so many things we learn everyday. I learned that you can’t do everything alone. You must rely on those close to you and reach out to those who are not. I learned you must get uncomfortable before becoming comfortable.
Words to Live By?
“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together than it does to fall apart.” By Finnick Odair
Specific Ministry?
I focus on being open, present, available and approachable when I am out in the community; I do this so those who may need me are always welcomed <3. These days, I am working closely with the Bears of San Francisco who are SPI’s partner in creating the newest SF street fair: The Bearrison Street Fair!
Do you have any Children?
Sister NormaLee Chaste and Sister Vina Sinfurs
Do you have any Little Sisters?
I certainly do! The always lovely and sweet, Sister Kay Thulu and the beautifully smart and savvy, Sister Amor Ah Quality!


Is there Anything Else You Want the Curious to Know?
Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable; always, ALL WAYS. Peace.

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