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Sister maeJoy B. withU

Consuma Lotta Concepcion was born into a very large family and raised on a steady diet of fire and brimstone on the outskirts of California's Central Valley. At the age of 13, Consuma was sold (or traded?) to a trafficking band of gypsies. The Roma family recognized the musical talent of the young Consuma immediately, and began her on the monkey grinder. She excelled and gained prominence. At the age of 17, Consuma was on busses all over the United States playing shows at independent burlesque houses.


One day in Las Vegas, while waiting for new gear to be added to her grinder box, Consuma (and she swears to this day that the Goddess coached her) threw down a $5 chip for "boxcars" and parlayed enough money to live in the penthouse of the 4 Queens hotel for a very long time.


Throughout this time, Consuma developed a passion toward others, and spent all of her time consumed in active listening: learning about cultures people came from, what drugs they enjoyed, and which sexual positions were favored. At the age of 33, Consuma realized the setting fatigue and burnout from years of burlesques, sex, and drugs. Consuma began attending Harm Reduction Anonymous meetings at the temple of San Juan Pedro. It is there that she found the grace and wisdom of Sister Viva L'Amour des Hommes, a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. Sister Viva instructed Consuma on the Joys of Unconditional Love, community activism and very long bicycle rides.


Consuma Lotta Concepcion took community vows as Sister maeJoy B. withU, a Fully Professed Sister of Perpetual Indulgence on the 27th anniversary of the Dan White Riots (5/21/06). The veiling was officiated by the Mistress of Novices, Sister Flora Goodthyme, and held at the holocaust triangle after completing the Rosary of Perpetual Indulgence. Sister maeJoy B. withU is most pleased to be a Fully Professed member of the San Francisco Order.

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