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Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour

What is your full Sister name?

Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour

Other Aliases


Date you joined the Order?

September 1991



When did you discover your calling?

Becoming friends with Sister Roma and Sister Blanche de Root.

Who were your Mother and Sponsors?

Sister Roma

Why did you join?

I wanted to join a gang but the Crips and Bloods had membership fees and Hell's Angels had a waiting list.

Religious Beliefs (if any)

Radical Atheist Terrorist

Major projects with the Order?

Producer of Project Nunway 666 (raised $11,000 in one night), numerous school visits, attended Life Ball in Vienna, booked talent for Halloween 1992-1995.

Rules by which you live?

Get cash upfront.

Email Address?

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