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The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence take vows to Promulgate Universal Joy and Expiate Stigmatic Guilt. We are here for our community to foster hope, creativity, and wellness!


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) communicating monkeypox-related risks and engaging at-risk and affected communities is essential for preventing further secondary cases and effective management of the current outbreak.  Monkeypox is having a greater impact on queer communities worldwide. Learn more to keep yourself safe!

U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC):


For San Francisco:


For California:


World Health Organization (WHO):

What do you need right now?

I’m in a crisis and need immediate help.

People want to help you. Please reach out.

  • San Francisco Suicide Prevention  Feeling Lonely? We’re here for you 24/7. Crisis Line: (415) 781-0500.

  • Find Your Local Food Bank  Locate your closest Food Bank.

  • The Trevor Project — Saving Young LGBTQ Lives  LGBTQ Crisis Support 1-866-488-7386.

  • Queer Life Space  Queer Community Support for Mental Health (415) 358-2000.

  • Pineapple Support  24/7 online Mental Health for Adult Industry Performers

  • TransLifeline A trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive. 1-877-565-8860.

  • Dept of Public Mealth Mental Health Crisis line. 24/7.  (415) 255-3737 or 1-888-246-3333.

  • San Francisco General Hospital Psychiatric Emergency: (415) 206-8125.

  • Suicide Prevention Talkline: (415) 781-0500.

  • Drug Line (24 hour): (415) 362-3400.

We need justice for Black Lives.

We have a lot of work to do. Here are some resources for how you can help.

I feel unsafe at home and need shelter.

  • Community United Against Violence  Domestic Violence Support (415) 333-4357.

  • W.O.M.A.N., Inc. 24-Hour Crisis Line. (415) 864-4722 or (877) 384-3578.

  • Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic. Schedule Appointment. (415) 255-0165.

  • Asian Women's Shelter. 24-Hour Crisis Line. (877) 751-0880.

  • San Francisco District Attorney Victims Services. (415) 553-9044.

  • La Casa de las Madras. 24-Hour Crisis Line. Adult: (877) 503-1850. Teens: (877) 923-0700. Text: (415) 200-3575.

  • Riley Center at St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco. (415)225-0165.

  • Shalom Bayit  Ending Domestic Violence in Jewish Homes.

I need mental health support for People of Color

Thank you to Live Another Day for providing these resources!

I need Mental Health Support.

I need accurate COVID-19 information.

I want to support Healthcare Workers.


I need trans-affirming care.

Our whole healthcare system needs to be built up to be trans-affirming.

But while we're working on that, here are some immediate resources.

I’m dealing with an addiction or substance use problem.


I need hope, calm, and clarity.


I need to find my meds.


I want to move around and feel my body more.


I miss queer culture.

We're still here!


I want to see something beautiful.


Look in the mirror, beautiful!

But also, here are a bunch of online museum tours and other splendid things.

I want to learn while I’m 0nline.


I’m lonely and looking for something to do.


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