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Sister Rose Mary Chicken

What is your full Sister name?

Sister Rose Mary Chicken

Date you joined the Order?

2006 Palm Springs/ 2012 San Francisco


LA Ca.

When did you discover your calling?

I discovered my calling at Palm Springs Pride. A group of LA Sisters came to the festival and had me captivated. I spoke with Sister Unity and knew I wanted to be a nun. The next year, we founded the Palm Springs Order.

Who were your Mother and Sponsors?

Sister Mary Margaret X Plosion/Sister Golden Hair Suprise (Palm Springs) Mary Tim (SF)

Why did you join?

I joined because I knew I could do the work. I knew I had the right skill set to do it well, and I love helping!

Religious Beliefs (if any)

No religious affiliation

Major projects with the Order?

No major projects, except helping found the Palm Springs house

Rules by which you live? 

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true.” - Michael Faraday

Email Address?

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