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Sister Dinah Might, If You Ask Her Right

Elevated to Postulant:
2005/July GM (or was it June?)


Elevated to Novice:
2005/Dec GM


Fully Professed:


Sr. Gudrid Ance


When Did You Discover Your Calling?:


Religious Beliefs:
"If you stop paying them, they'll go away."--Bill Maher


Personal Beliefs:

"The Copenhagen interpretation properly consists of two distinct parts:
1. There is no reality in the absence of observation; thus
2. Observation creates reality."
Therefore from this we can conclude:
You create your own reality (by the manner in which you observe things).


Quotes to Live By:

If I am not for Me, Who will be?If I am only for Me, what am I?If not now, when?--Hillel

Nosce te ipsum.
--"know thyself" (in latin)


Rules to Live By:
Don't spend more than you make.

Don't spend it until it clears.

Get a receipt.

Have good attorneys.

Remember, it's always worse in Cicero.

Past Positions with the Order:
Mistress Of Saints (2 years);
Mistress Of The Web (1 year);
Hospice Work (2009, 40 visits).

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