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Sister Atta Van Haldol

(RIP, Nun of the Above)

Sister Name

Atta Van Haldol

Mother or Sponsor:
Sister Amanda Reckinwith, San Diego SPI


Big Sisters or Guards:
Sister Peghan Ritual, San Francisco SPI


When Did You Discover Your Calling?:
I discovered my calling as a Sister while I lived in San Diego.  I had been searching for a way to serve my community, especially in the area of HIV/AIDS and equality advocacy.  I had heard of the Sisters and even had friends that where members of the order.  I spent sometime with them and decided that being a Sister was the opportunity I had been looking for.


Religious Beliefs:
II consider myself to be a Progressive Christian.  I am an active member of the Episcopal Church and work to combine my life and ministry as a Sisters within my religious community as well.


Personal Beliefs:
My personal biggest goal in my ministry is the advocacy for and the achievement of equality for everyone.  I am tired of being treated as less than equal because I am queer.


Quotes to Live By:
Treat everyone the way you would like for them to treat you.


Rules to Live By:
Seek joy in all you do.  Don't let anyone say anything that will make you feel less of yourself.

Facebook Page:

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