Sister Celine Dionysus, DBSC

Date you joined the Order?

Postulant March 2019

Novice November 2019

FPM May 2020

I was the first Sister ever elevated via Zoom during the 2020 Pandemic


Born St Louis, MO, but raised in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Half Moon Bay (CA) and finally Bangkok, Thailand. 

When Did You Discover Your Calling?

Does one just have the single calling? I seem to discover new callings as time with the order moves forward, and the self-discovery isn’t ending anytime soon, which is the most satisfying thing about it.


Who were your Mother and Sponsors?

Mother Mary Media

Big Sisters Amor, Maddie, Angelina, and a boost from Bambi

Why did you join?

I entered my 40s with a desire to stop sitting and watching others do and develop and grow while I sat fearful, lonely and bitter. It has been the greatest gift of my life.

Religious Beliefs?

Raised Buddhist, with some Catholic thrown in, and some Judaism sprinkled on top. Then became fascinated with Joseph Campbell in high school, which turned my life into an exploration of religious practices, ultimately landing with a mishmash of Zen plus Neopaganism plus Sufism. Recently, I was informed that I am “spiritually void,” which may seem a daunting concept but now has awakened a new spiritual journey for me. So, let’s do this!

Major projects with the Order?

fnnch Honeybear Fundraiser 2021

Queer Artists for Queer Spaces 2021-

Board Chair 2021

Folsom Street Coordinator 2021



Any inquiries for Queer Artists Mural project may be sent to mural@thesisters.org