Sister Agnes Dei'afta Tamara

Fully Professed:

December 13, 2011



Rhoda Baloney Pony, Diana Fyre, Gd Yo Bootay


Mother or Sponsor:

Jezabelle of the Enraptured Sling


Big Sisters or Guards:

Sr Barbra Ganesh, Sr Zsa Zsa Glamor and Sr Hellen Wheels


From my loins:

Jendra Uforian

When Did You Discover Your Calling?:

I met my first Sister at San Francisco Pride, 1999.  I don't know who she was but she inspired in me a desire to learn more about the order.  Upon moving to San Francisco in 2009, I began attending meetings the following spring and aspired later that summer.  After 21 (approximately) months, I took my vows and became an FPM (fully-professed member).  I am inspired by my fellow Sisters and look forward to serving all facets of the community.  I am particularly interested in doing what I can to ease the lives of the elderly members of LGBT and Straight communities.  I find a lot of joy working with others who share this calling.


Religious Beliefs:

I was raised Methodist in SW Iowa and later converted to Catholicism.  I currently am a non-practicing Catholic and feel there is still good to be found in the Church, although I sometimes have my challenges with the dogma.  I also have a fair bit of interest in learning more about Wicca and Judaism, though I can't honestly say I plan to change my current religion!


Past or current projects with the Order:

  • SPI conclave 2012-13-14 Perpetual Indulgence Ministry Program 2013-14 (chamberlain 2013/14, trustee 2014/2015 Pink Saturday 2010-11-12-13-14 Project Nunway 2-3-4-6

  • Past Positions with the Order:

  • First Chamberlain of the Perpetual Indulgence Ministry Program (PIMP) 2014 Aide to the Mistress of Novices 2014 SPI board 2014 Sexytary November-December 2013

  • Mistress of Novices 2015-2016